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We create exceptional design, to empower our clients business’, helping them to achieve the commercial results they desire. So whether we’re creating a full branding programme, or a simple business card, our philosophy remains the same. We always aim to create compelling on-brand communications, that are great value for money and produce exceptional results.

What we offer

The fantastic news is, our years of creating amazing brands hasn’t gone to waste, because this expertise now positively impacts on our clients’ businesses and profits. Client’s see the added value we bring to their brands and know their investment has been worthwhile.That’s because we don’t believe in designer indulgence, instead we’re focused on design that works in a commercial world. We create intelligent, relevant and appropriate design, that delivers cohesive, effective communication.

Why we are different

We absolutely don’t believe that one size fits all, because every business has it’s own ‘DNA’. Every company is as unique as its people and our job it to help define that difference. Every job we undertake is to provide client specific results, tailored to the individual company/client. An approach which enables us to achieve great results.

Our mission is…

      • Deliver what we promise
      • To create branding that works – See Brand Benefits >
      • Design for business – we are not here to please other designers
      • Enable our clients to be have a higher profile than their competitors
      • To explore and investigate then create
      • Use media that suits our clients needs – obvious – may not be the obvious answer – See Video For Business >
      • If there was a box – we think outside of it

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Our Origins

Dune was founded in 2008 by Patricia Niland, who prior to this had worked at some of London’s top design groups for over two decades.

It was there that she branded big names such as Toyota, Seat, The Post Office and The Job Centre. She also worked on the creation of brands for everything from airlines to foreign banks.

She has headed a brand department at a French advertising agency. Was employed at The Body Shop Studio where she worked under the late Anita Roddick (producing designs for The Body Shop Europe), and even had a stint working in the music industry designing album covers.



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