Benefits of a Power Brand

Aid Product Recognition

Functioning on many levels, elements of brands become their identifiers, aiding memorability and reinforcing your product/service. These can be corporate colours, the logo, imagery, typography, strap lines, service methods etc.

Build Brand Loyalty

Cultivating and achieving brand loyalty among customers is the ultimate goal in business. Loyalty translates to customers being more likely to buy your product or service, rather than similar ones from competing brands. It can also impact on your brand value, which is the value of your brand to your management and shareholders.

Increase Brand Equity

What is your brand worth to the consumer? Equity can enable you to charge more for your product or service, as consumers prioritise their purchases and will actually pay more for a brand that resonates with them.

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Create Perception of Size

In short powerful branding can enable your company to look larger and more impressive.

Increase Profits/Margins

Effective branding can enable your business to produce more effective marketing, meaning you can connect with the consumers that are important to your business. No more wasted marketing budgets and a direct line to the people that count.

Build Staff Moral

Internal branding is how your staff sees your company, which is as  important as external branding, how your customer see it. A solid brand enables every member of your staff to become your sales team. This is because they are clear on who you are and what you can offer.

Banish Negative History

There are many reasons for companies to rebrand, but when negative messages surround a brand, it can be time to start a fresh. A rebrand provides the business with a chance to refocus it’s offering and deliver a newer more up to date positive brand message.

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