Branding Case Study
Stubbs Parkin Taylor, a Chartered Accountancy firm, had been in Southport, Merseyside, for almost 30 years. They came to us to rebrand, as the focus of their business was becoming more Xero (software) centric. An ideal opportunity to refresh and revitalise their brand along with renaming and restructuring of the business.

Branding of a Chartered Accountants

Stubbs Parkin branding, has gravity, but it is contemporary enough to take the firm forward. Their new brand focuses on the routes their clients take to achieve their business goals. The colour purple combines the calmness and stability of the colour blue, often associated with financial companies, with red, an energy colour.

Building awareness and fostering recognition

With distinctive branding


Stubbs Parkin prides themselves on their responsive relationship with their clients and we wanted  this to be reflected in the brand. The branding is very much about the clients, rather than the firm. Photographs of Stubbs Parkin’s clients were taken in their own working environment. One stipulation Stubbs Parkin had with their website was it hadn’t to look too formal. The responsive WordPress site works across all platforms and enables Stubbs Parkin to create and build a blog that can help them to promote their passion for approachable accountancy.

Branding Programme Incorporates:

Renaming  |  Branding   |  Photography  |  Email footers  |  Stationery Design  |  Corporate Brochure |  Product category brochures  |  Website  |  Signage  |  Motion graphics  |  Marketing materials

Crafted Branding

Define brand values, opening eyes and building loyalty

Creative excellence – Commercial intelligence

Focused Branding

A new approach to accountancy branding

Contemporary | Approachable

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