Connect with customers & climb the Google rankings

Video greatly improves your websites’ rankings on search engines, a powerful SEO tool

Video delivers your company directly to your consumer, who incidentally is more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. With marketing budgets not always a priority, we’ve come up with a video payment plan for business. Because we know, when you don’t market, you don’t grow.

Corporate Video

Promote your business & build your brand

A corporate video is your opportunity to tell the world about your brand. It’s a condensed portrait of your company, highlighting to your clients and potential clients what your offering is, what your company values are and what you can do for them.

Corporate videos should not be ‘promotional or advertising’ pieces per say, instead they are used to add value to your company and your brand.


  • 2-3 minutes in duration
  • Filmed over 1 day
  • Interviews
  • Exterior location shots
  • An animation of your corporate logo included
  • Royalty free music track included if required

You Tube TV Channel

Become the ‘Go To Guy’

Instructional videos demonstrate your knowledge and skill, and also build trust amongst consumers. Which means you can now become the Go To Guy, with this series of videos and your own branded YouTube Channel. Each video will show your clients and potential clients, just why you should be their provider of choice.


‘How To’ films are shot on site, over 2 days and the final films will all include your company logo and contact details. All videos are optimised for search engines. Your YouTube channel will be branded with your company logo and appropriate graphics.


Let your clients do the talking

Testimonials capture genuine feedback from your customers or clients and help to substantiate and empower your marketing messages. When it comes to credibility and trust, video beats written testimonials hands down. An effective video testimonial on your website can help to separate you from competitors and gives prospects real confidence in what you do.


  • 2-3 minutes in duration
  • Uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo to help your websites’ SEO
  • Filmed on location or in a studio

Commercial Photography Services

Powerful, effective images could be one of your best marketing tools

We cover a range of photography for business and shoot on location or in studio

  • Food
  • Interiors
  • Lifestyle
  • People
  • Products
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Corporate Portraits
Corporate Portraits
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