May 22

Branding & The Financial Sector (An Article)

One of the most powerful concepts that any business can invest in is that of a corporate brand – something that defines the business entirely, a pure list of concepts and goals that makes the company stand out from its peers. Every business is established with a set of aspirational goals, which aim to create change or even make the world a better place. However as businesses grow this dynamism can sometimes sadly fall by the wayside, lost amongst the business of ‘doing business’.
The good news is though; to ensure your business is making the most of the huge opportunities available to you through the power of branding, the time to create the dynamic brand of your dreams and aspirations is now.
To be the provider of choice and to be recognised instantly, like so many big names in the financial world, would be the dream of any business. A powerful corporate brand makes you visible to your consumers and communicates a huge array of exceptionally positive messages. Whether you are Sole traders or Limited Companies, branding can help your business grow, expand and over shadow your competitors – it also has the capability of making you seem ten, even one hundred times the size that you really are. In simple terms branding can turn your company into a colossal force!
Such is its power, branding can help home office based accountants and financial advisers to appear to be a behemoth of the financial world – when you have the image and ‘the branding code’ to accompany your business, you have the entire package, one that can create authority, goodwill and a sense of trust for your business. Most importantly, though, branding allows you to truly connect with your clients on an emotional level. When you aren’t just “The Accountant” you are “THE Accountant” its then that you know your branding is really working.
It is important to build your brand in an intelligent, considered manner. This can be achieved through a wide range of powerful online marketing tools like social media, to enable you to build a profile of authority and strength throughout the financial world. By creating a formidable profile for yourself, you have the potential to become ‘The Financial Brand’, and through this you can gain access to volumes and qualities of clients that previously you may never have thought possible.
Crucially though powerful branding is not only about the external effects, or B2C, it is also about helping build power internally, or facilitating staff growth. By having your goals and aims set out in a clear and concise manner in your brand guidelines, you can improve morale dramatically. Your staff will be far more willing to help your business grow and remain loyal, when they can see what the grand scheme is.
Your business was built upon dreams, so let your staff and clients become a part of that reality and ensure that your vision or brand is visible to all – it is the difference that can set you apart from the rest of your competitors forever.
Patricia Niland